Local Flooding


Flooding in our city is caused by the following sources:

  • Local heavy rains 
  • Riverine flooding 
  • Tidal flooding with storm surge

The bodies of water which contribute to flooding are: Cow Bayou, Clear Creek, and Clear Lake.


Flooding can come with little warning and can also be dangerous. Even though it appears to move slowly (three feet per second), a flood two feet deep can knock you off your feet and float a car. Floodwaters can also cover many blocks up to four or five feet deep. While they may not look deep, they still cover streets and yards and can even flood cars, garages, and homes.

For more information, please view Damage Prevention and Flood Safety.


Even though your property may be high enough that it has not previously flooded, future flooding can occur because the next flood could be worse. If you are in the floodplain, the odds are that someday your property will be damaged.

For information on how get insurance to cover your property, please view Flood Insurance.