Fire Department

Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department

The Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department (NBVFD) formed in 1967. The NBVFD is a chartered corporation of The State of Texas and operates under a contract with the City of Nassau Bay, Texas to provide Fire and Rescue Services to the citizens who work, visit, and live here.

The NBVFD currently has 43 members who are all volunteers. Our membership contains a wide variety of personnel from various backgrounds all providing a very important service to our community.

While we respond to emergencies whenever needed we usually meet on Tuesday nights at the fire station for meetings and training. The first Tuesday of every month is devoted to a general business meeting which all members are encouraged to attend. Our training drills are held on the second, third and fourth Tuesday nights. When the month has a fifth Tuesday it is set aside for maintenance drills.

The NBVFD is always looking for new members! If you are 18 years of age and are interested in helping provide a service to the community you live or work in, please contact us at 281.333.4211 ext. 2677.

Fire Station

Located at 18295 Upper Bay Road in Nassau Bay.

For more information, including how to join the Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department, click here: Learn More About NBVFD