Griffin Properties Commercial Area

Development Agreement

On March 2, 2007 the City entered into a Development Agreement with Griffin Partners covering the commercial areas around City Hall.

View the Development Agreement (PDF).

New Development

Following years of declining property values in the commercial areas around City Hall, we are working with new ownership of the 27 acres and 12 office buildings to enhance the community and provide better shopping opportunities for our City. View the Map of the City Hall Area Redevelopment (PDF) to see the 11 buildings shown in blue. The other building, not shown in the image, is at 1275 Space Park.

Griffin Partners is planning a significant mixed-use development that involves retail, new office buildings, a public plaza, multi-family residential, and a hotel.

View images of the proposed development (PDF).

The new projects are being prepared for the City as a Planned Unit Development (PUD). The PUD ensures a quality project with consistent architectural themes throughout the development. Griffin has produced preliminary plans that reflect the general character of this exciting new development.

As the old buildings come down and new ones are constructed, the value of the Griffin Properties is expected to increase exponentially. This new development will have a significant and positive impact on the City’s commercial property value. The build-out value is expected to be in excess of $150 million. There will be ample green and public spaces in the development.