Meal Monday

"Meal Monday" is Monday, March 30th!

What is it?

On April 4th, Nassau Bay will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.  The week leading up to it will be filled with activities encouraging residents to get out into the community and celebrate what Nassau Bay has to offer.  One of those days will be designated to highlight restaurants in the city.  Residents will be encouraged (in the city newsletter and city social media platforms) to dine out with their families. 

When is it? 

Meal Monday” will be Monday, March 30th.

How can my restaurant be involved?

We are asking restaurants that wish to participate to offer some sort of promotional discount that day to customers highlighting the “50th anniversary.”  This could be anything related to 50.  Some ideas are: 50% off second entrée, 50 cent appetizers, something free for first 50 participants, whatever works for your establishment.   Feel free to reach out for more ideas.

For more information:

If you would like to participate, please contact Sara Plunk at by February 17th.  This will ensure that your business is included in the promotional materials sent out by the City.