2019 FMA Home Elevation

The 5th Approved Elevation Grant

The City's success with this grant application continues, but the number of being approved to be elevated dwindled. FEMA only authorized seven (7) homes to be lifted, while denying 17 other homes. 

Nassau Bay received notification of approval around the same time the Nation was battling with COVID. Unfortunately, this slowed down the processing of paperwork and money allocation. In fact, the City was notified in late 2020 that the White House's Office of Management and Budget (OMB) was directly involved with Nassau Bay's grant/funds. 

The OMB was not pleased that waterfront homes were receiving so much money. The City informed them that the grant guidelines were followed and if there was an issue, the grant parameters needed to be changed. 

Close to the finish

The 2019 grant was a signal that Nassau Bay will not have many more homes that fall within the grant's benefit cost analysis. While there are still 25 homes on FEMA's repetitive loss list, the flood losses are not 'enough' to warrant elevating the home. The good news is that the City did have a unicorn in the 2020 grant that will carry many homes...stay tuned.