Position 2 Candidates

Position 2 Candidates Michelle Micheli, Lucie Johannes Sommer, and Bob Wilkinson

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Michelle Micheli - Position 2 CandidateCandidate Photos for Website-Michelle Micheli-06

I am a working mom, wife of a veteran, small business owner, community volunteer, and, most importantly in this circumstance, a concerned citizen with a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective.  I am not the “status quo”, nor do I aspire to be.  No need for a list of accolades and “atta boys”.  I know my capabilities and I take on challenges head on with 100% commitment.  Those who know me already know that.  Those who don’t, let’s talk.  Hablo Español también.

Soy una madre trabajadora, esposa de un veterano, propietaria de una pequeña empresa, voluntaria de la comunidad y, lo que es más importante en esta circunstancia, una ciudadana preocupada con una perspectiva diferente. No soy el “status quo”, ni aspiro a serlo. Conozco mis capacidades y asumo los retos con 100% de compromiso.  Los que me conocen ya lo saben. Los que no, hablemos.  Soy borinqueña de Ponce.

Michelle Micheli

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Lucie Johannes Sommer - Position 2 CandidateCandidate Photos for Website-Lucie Sommer


Lucie Johannes Sommer has been a resident of Nassau Bay for over 15 years, moving here after spending time with family in the neighborhood and knowing this is the community she wants to call home. Lucie now shares her passion for the community with her husband and three children. Lucie works locally in the aerospace industry.

Lucie wants to keep Nassau Bay a safe, family-friendly community with amenities for residents to enjoy. Having watched the changing demographics, Lucie is confident she can serve as a bridge between long-term and new residents. Lucie is committed to protecting public spaces, investing in infrastructure, and preserving Nassau Bay’s heritage while shaping it for future generations. 

Lucie will work to achieve common goals that make neighbors proud to be a part of their community. Lucie offers creative solutions, coupled with engineering and financial perspectives, to strengthen Nassau Bay.


  • Infrastructure. Lucie will leverage her engineering skills to continue improving storm water mitigation efforts and identify solutions increasing the reliability of the city’s flood water mitigation assets. 
  • Fiscal Responsibility.  Lucie will leverage her finance education and training to maintain fiscal responsibility while balancing the needs of a community of this size.
  • Economic Development. Lucie will explore residential and commercial development that is best for the city overall and seek to attract businesses that bring residents together.
  • Strong Community. Lucie is committed to promoting our space heritage, maintaining small town character, and investing in our dedicated first responders.


  • Texas Licensed Professional Engineer
  • B.S & Ph.D, Metallurgical Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Master of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • M.S. Finance & MBA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • M.S. Welding Engineering, Ohio State University    
  • Proud Nauticat Parent & Local Scouts BSA Troop Committee Member 

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Bob Wilkinson - Position 2 CandidateCandidate Photos for Website-Bob Wilkerson

My wife Cathy and I moved to Nassau Bay from the Greater Atlanta area about three years ago. We relocated here to be close to our daughter and our three young grandchildren.  

We chose Nassau Bay because of its uniqueness and great family atmosphere. People were riding through the neighborhood on golf carts, always friendly and waving hello. We saw great looking parks and beautiful water views. Our grandchildren really enjoy the parks and the Special Events, especially throwing snowballs!

I am a retired business owner with extensive experience in communications, profit and loss, and long-term planning. I find my natural inclination to engage with people has always been a benefit that allows me to find solutions, always open to new ideas. I have the experience, commitment and time to serve as your City Council representative.

It’s very important that we work hard to continue to upgrade and improve our parks. We need a comprehensive plan for the continued redevelopment of our commercial sector while improving security and safety of our city. We must continue to improve our infrastructure and protect home values.

Lastly, I think it is imperative to improve City Council transparency, live stream all City Council meetings and make important decisions via public hearings, not via private, back door discussions. 

Volunteer Roles and Activities

  • Past member of Keep Nassau Bay Beautiful committee  
  • Current member Nassau Bay Parks committee
  • Current member Nassau Bay Tourism committee
  • Participated in Fall Sweeps and Peninsula Clean-Up 

In the last year I’ve attended every single City Council, Parks Committee and Tourism committee meeting, in other words “Perfect Attendance”. 

I will work hard for Nassau Bay and always remain accessible to discuss any, and all, subjects. 

Together, we are "Putting Nassau Bay First"

Bob Wilkinson

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