Position 6 Candidates

Position 6 Candidates Michelle Weller and Matt Prior

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Nassau Bay is not only the place I love; it's part of my soul. My family moved to Texas in 1969 after my father became Manager of the SATO Travel Office at NASA, and I remember being in awe of this amazing place where astronauts walked the streets.

After graduating from Clear Creek High School, I studied Film at the University of Southern California. I served as Manager of Production Support for Universal Studios (working on Law & Order, Miami Vice and Steven Spielberg productions), before producing major motion pictures including Blade 2, Anne Frank, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

I returned to Nassau Bay to serve as Director of Operations and run our family business after my father passed away. Currently, I work as a consultant in Nassau Bay and have served on the Queens Court HOA, Space Center Rotary, and as Presiding Judge/Precinct 307.

My plan is to follow in the footsteps of our founders and dedicate myself to making this community a better place, while preserving our unique history and character. If elected to City Council, I will work to ensure we remain a suburban community, fight back against developing more apartments, focus on infrastructure, and work with developers to attract shops, amenities, and art installations to return Nassau Bay’s splendor.

I bring over 30 years of executive management experience on large scale projects with budgets exceeding $70 million. I have supervised over 70 department heads, managed cost reporting, and built construction sets throughout the U.S. and overseas. One of my proudest accomplishments was collaborating with the Mayor of Prague to rebuild collapsed, flooded streets and buildings during the “Great Flood” of 2002. I am committed to utilizing these skills to improve and preserve our Jewel on the Bay!

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Matt Prior - Position 6 CandidateMatt Prior Photo

I first moved to Nassau Bay in 2011 with my wife Kathy, daughter Charlotte (aka Charley) and we later welcomed our son (Alex) in 2015.  We recognized how special Nassau Bay is from the very beginning and we both knew we wanted to give back to our community.  

Kathy is involved with the Special Events Committee (SEC) and on both PTAs at Robinson Elementary and Seabrook Intermediate, along with serving on the Nauticats board as the promotions contact.  Charley is an avid swimmer, and she has been a proud Nauticat since she was 4 years old and is quickly helping Alex learn just how great it is to be a Nauticat.  I am one of the Head Timers for the Nauticats and really enjoy being part of this organization.  Our family sees Nassau Bay as a truly unique place to live and we try to enjoy everything the Clear Lake area has to offer.  

I have had the privilege of being part of the following:

  • City Council Position #6 since 2018 
  • Nassau Bay 101
  • EDC before joining City Council and rejoined in 2021
  • Transparency committee to facilitate live streaming of meetings
  • A variety of other taskforces and special committees

I have also enjoyed being able to use my experience in Human Resources to address issues with city investigations and leadership development, which have been a rewarding way for me to interact with city employees.   

There are several critical items that need to be addressed in the near future.  Promoting transparency of City Council to all our residents, bringing our community together and implementing changes to benefit all of Nassau Bay.  

The city’s services (Fire, EMS, Police, etc.) contribute to the independent spirit of Nassau Bay and I see the value of keeping these services available to every resident.  I think it is important that we continue to put a priority on the thoughtful growth of the commercial district while focusing on the infrastructure improvements that are critical to the longevity of the city.  Getting the critical projects approved and completed on schedule allows us to focus on what we want as a community, i.e., improved city parks, walking trails and other amenities.  

I graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1999 and later earned his MBA from San Jose State University while working full-time.  I have spent nearly my entire career in Human Resources and recently accepted a new role as the Senior Director of Employee Relations with a global real estate and investment firm that started in Houston 65 years ago.        

I am looking forward to being re-elected to City Council Position #6 and representing ALL of Nassau Bay.

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