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What if my water bill is unusually high? Can I get an adjustment?
The City of Nassau Bay may allow customers who have suffered an excusable defect to receive an adjustment to their bills. Credit will take the form of a rebate to the bill, not a refund. To qualify as excusable, a defect must be hidden, such as in a wall, underground, or in a toilet tank. Faucets are not considered hidden.

Request for a bill adjustment must be made in writing to customer service with a receipt for parts or repair bill, within six months of the repair. Customers may apply for no more than one such adjustment in any 12-month period for any one account.
Several things can prevent this adjustment:
  • Ineffective repairs—sometimes the real problem is a second leak that needs to be repaired.

  • Long term leakage—allowing a leak to continue for over three months raises the average consumption.

  • A drop in actual consumption can mask the rise caused by the leak.

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