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Special Event Application

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  2. Special Event Application
    City of Nassau Bay
  3. Thank you for your interest in hosting a special event in the City of Nassau Bay.
    A Special Event is defined as an event, gathering, or organized activity, which is open to the public and may impact public safety. In addition, an event may be considered a Special Event if a mobile food provider is present and if more than seventy-five (75) attendees are expected.

    There are many different types of special events. Special Events include organized races, walk-a-thons, festivals, pageants, celebrations, church processions, entertainment, exhibitions, parades, fairs, social gatherings, movies or similar events occurring in, on or utilizing public space or which impacts a public space to an extent that the public’s use of the public space is significantly curtailed or impeded.

    If you would like to hold a Special Event in Nassau Bay then you are required to obtain a Special Event Permit. To obtain a Special Event Permit, please complete the below online Special Event Application.

    1) Liability Insurance with the City of Nassau Bay listed as a Certificate Holder
    2) Site-Map of the Event
    3) Completed Event Application
    4) $50 Special Event Application Fee
  4. *Are you requesting a David Braun Park Reservation?*
    If so, you will need to complete a different form. Selecting YES will prompt you with the online link for the David Braun Park Reservation form.
  6. (If applicable)
  8. Event Category (Check all that apply)*
  10. Site Plan Route Map Instructions
    • Site plans/route maps provide an overview of your event and is required for all applications.
    • It should be submitted in PDF format.
    • Clearly show the event location including surrounding streets.
    • Locations of all event items (stages, tents, speakers, cooking areas, food trucks, concessions, bars, vendors, portable toilets, fencing, barricades, water stations, generators, lighting, first aid facilities, entrances, Exits, emergency access routes, parking)
    • Signage
    • Personnel (parking assistants, race course helpers, etc.)
    • Suggested security and/or traffic control police officer locations.
    • Any activities that will produce amplified sound must be noted and must follow the City’s noise ordinance.
    • Any other related event components not listed above
  11. The applicant is responsible for adequate security for the permitted event, including crowd control, emergency response access, and safeguarding the applicant and park property.
  12. Will security personnel be needed for your event?
    *IMPORTANT* The applicant may be required to provide police officers and emergency response personnel for security, crowd control, and/or traffic control at the Special Event. The total number of police officers and emergency response personnel working at the Special Event is determined by the City of Nassau Bay Chief of Police.
  13. Will medical & fire safety personnel be needed for your event?
    You may be required to have a medical and/or fire safety plan for your event. Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department and Nassau Bay EMS will review your application and contact applicant if needed.
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