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Monthly Citizen Survey

  1. City of Nassau Bay

    Thank you for participating in our Monthly Citizen Survey! This survey will help the City of Nassau Bay increase citizen engagement and learn best practices for City services.


    Happy New Year!

    Did you know that the City of Nassau Bay Utility Department provides residents with the opportunity to make a voluntary $2.00 donation to the Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department (NBVFD) and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) with the payment of each water bill?

    Donations are used by these departments for tools, resources, and capital items to better provide emergency services to our residents.

    During the past year, the Volunteer Fire Department was able to use this money to purchase a replacement weather station on the command post truck, install a water tank and pumps on the department’s high water truck, purchase a safety cabinet for flammable liquids and replace fire hose nozzles. For EMS, the funds were utilized to purchase laptops for on-call reporting and new ultrasound equipment.

    This month, we ask: Did you know you can elect to make a monthly $2 donation to Nassau Bay Fire and EMS?

  4. Did you know you can elect to make a monthly $2 donation to Nassau Bay Fire and EMS?
  5. Residents interested in donating to the NBVFD and EMS may simply add $2.00 to their payment when paying the “Total Due” amount on their water bill. Your donation may be considered a tax-deductible charitable donation because the City is a qualified entity and the donation is being used for a restricted public purpose. Please contact your tax professional for more information about tax deductible charitable donations. For more information about the NBVFD, please visit

  6. Thank you for your feedback! After you hit submit, you will be directed to the City's Volunteer Fire Department webpage, to learn more about the NBVFD (Fire Department | Nassau Bay, TX ).

  7. December 2021 Citizen Survey Results

    Results from last month’s citizen survey: 

    Is Nassau Bay a good place to grow old?

    • No (1 response, 9.1%)
    • Yes (10 responses, 90.9%)

    Is Nassau Bay a good place to raise children?

    • No (0 responses, 0.0%)
    • Yes (11 responses, 100.0%)
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