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2020 FMA Home Elevation Voluntary Interest Form

  1. City of Nassau Bay

  2. City of Nassau Bay
    2020 FEMA FMA Application

  3. The City of Nassau Bay, in partnership with the Texas Water Development Board, is applying for for the FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Grant Program. Through this grant program, FEMA can provide funding to assist with the cost of elevation of flood prone homes, with highest priority to Severe Repetitive Loss properties. To be eligible for inclusion in this upcoming application you must have a current National Flood Insurance Program Policy. You must maintain this policy to have a chance of award. The grant program is voluntary and not guaranteed for funding. A participating property owner may withdraw at any stage prior to the initiation of the elevation project.

  4. Type of Structure*

  5. Please provide the number of people residing in the home who are disabled. If none, please put 0.

  6. Was this home damaged by floods in 2017? *

  7. If yes, has the flood damage been repaired?

  8. Checklist of required documents

  9. Please attach the listed required documents to complete your application.

    Please note that all required documents must be submitted to be considered for inclusion in the grant application. Ensure that all required documents are attached before you submit. Incomplete submittals may not be included in the grant application.

  10. Survey / Sketch must include dimensions.

  11. Visit for printout.

  12. Indication of voluntary interest*

    By clicking Yes, you are indicating your interest in participating in this voluntary program. The submission of this form does not obligate you participate in FMA home elevation program should the grant be selected/funded.

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