Safe Boating

Nassau Bay Police Department’s Marine Division is comprised of sworn police officers who have been trained and are certified Marine Safety Enforcement Officers. These officers enforce all marine laws on the waterways. Officers who are assigned to the marine division combine their efforts with other local law enforcement agencies’ marine divisions to help in maintaining safety on their waterways in the Clear Lake area.

Please work with the City of Nassau Bay to keep our marina community safe, healthy, and open. Following a few simple rules will keep you safe, the City’s Marine Patrol Division safe, and allow you to enjoy your boat, jet ski, or other water vessels. Thank you for doing your part to keep our boating community healthy and safe with these general boating rules.

General guidelines for friendly, safe boating

  • Do not create excessive wakes.
    • Be careful not to swamp floating docks, other boats.
    • Don’t wash water over a swimmer or other person in the water.
    • Don’t cause severe rocking of another boat or vessel.
    • Avoid speeds and wakes that would cause other floating docks or boats to collide into another fixed or floating object.
  • Only travel at headway speed when coming within 50 feet of any other vessel, person, a stationary platform, bulkhead or other objects, or shore.
  • No loud music – music or sound should not be heard more than 10 feet from your boat.
  • Be courteous and thoughtful of the nearby homes. 
  • DO NOT operate a boat, jet ski or other vessels while drinking or intoxicated.

Guidelines for social distance boating during COVID-19 

  • DO NOT raft up with other boats or vessels.
  • ONLY boat with persons from your immediate household.
  • Maintain a safe distance at docks and boat ramps.

Responsible Boating

Responsible Boating Guidelines

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