Phil Johnson

City Council
Title: Mayor
Phone: 281-333-4211

I am deeply honored to serve as the next Mayor of Nassau Bay and very much appreciate the confidence you have bestowed on me.  We had a great election with more candidates and more voter participation than ever before and Nassau Bay is better off thanks to each and everyone who participated.  We have new faces on Council and what also looks to be our first City Council with a majority being Councilwomen representing us in office.   

My primary priority will be to focus our efforts and tax dollars on key areas of infrastructure improvement so we can reinvest back into our community while preserving the unique character of our city from Houston urbanization.  We have more young families moving into our city than ever before and we have to reinvest to prepare for our next generation. This means fixing or replacing many old and aged systems for our utilities, streets, flood control and providing funds for our emergency responders. We have much work to do. 


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