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Sanitation - Residential
Residential Trash Pick-Up
Residential trash is collected on Monday and Thursday 7:00 am - 7:00 pm. If a collection day falls on a holiday, it will be collected on the next regular trash day.

Please keep the following in mind:
  • Residents are responsible for providing their own garbage containers. Containers must be greater than 20 gallons but not more than 30 gallons in capacity, with tight-fitting lids to prevent animals from entering the container. The contents shall not exceed 75 pounds, and there must be adequate handles to pick up the container.
  • Citizens should keep their household trash at the garage or back door location for collection.
  • Heavy trash is collected on Mondays. All yard debris, grass clippings, household appliances / furniture, and construction debris (excluding debris generated from construction projects performed by construction companies) must be placed at the curb for collection.
  • Any equipment containing freon or other liquids, gases, or material that may be harmful to the environment must be removed and tagged by a certified technician prior to pick up (most appliance repairmen are able to provide this service).
  • Residents must bundle the following materials: construction debris (excluding debris generated from construction projects performed by construction companies), rubbish, brush, tree limbs / trimmings, and other wood waste. Bundles may not exceed five feet in length, 18 inches in diameter, and 50 pounds in weight. Bundles should be placed within five feet of the roadway. Residents are limited to five bundles and 10 bags per pick up.
  • No hazardous substances are allowed.
  • To keep our neighborhoods clean and free of debris, please place all curbside items at the curb the night before the scheduled day of pickup.
  • Additional residential sanitation information is provided in the Residential Sanitation Service Sheet.
  • Detailed information regarding recyclable items can be found on the Recycling Page.


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