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Stormwater Regulations
Regulations & Restrictions
The City's stormwater system is intended to direct the flow of stormwater runoff to minimize the potential adverse impact of rising water from rainfall events.

The Federal Emergency Management System (FEMA) administers the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which has evolved through 40 years of administration as the benchmark program to assist all communities in reducing damages due to flooding.

Components of the NFIP
The program has three major components:
  • FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) which define those areas susceptible to flooding
  • A comprehensive program with detailed requirements of how local communities must administer building codes
  • A federally managed insurance program which protects owners who experience flood damage

The FIRMs are maps which are legal documents defining areas susceptible to flooding. These maps have been derived from extensive, advanced engineering analysis and provide the basis for which all flood management activities must adhere.

The comprehensive program for floodplain management is a detailed set of guidelines of best management practices for use in planning land use to reduce the potential for flood damage. The City’s floodplain manager administers this program for the City of Nassau Bay.

If the first two components above are accepted by municipalities, then the community’s residents are provided with the opportunity to obtain reduced-rate flood insurance from the NFIP.

Role of the Storm Water System 
Stormwater control systems are interrelated with the NFIP in that they can be of benefit in complying with floodplain management best management practices, but stormwater control systems by themselves do not change the FIRMs on which potential flood damage insurance rates are based.

If you would like more information on our stormwater system or the role it plays in floodplain management, contact the Public Works Department at 713.548.4378.


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