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Stormwater Quality Requirements
Controlling Water Quality
Another aspect of the stormwater system that has significant impact on our environment is control of the contaminants which are introduced into the stormwater control system.

Stormwater runoff is directed through the stormwater system to our local waterways. Thus, any contaminant introduced into the stormwater system flows directly into those waterways. Residents can assist in keeping our waterways environmentally safe by disposing of hazardous wastes properly, and not in the stormwater system.

Common contaminants are motor oil dumped in storm drains, fertilizers flushed into storm drains, and floating debris placed in storm drains. These actions are not only environmentally irresponsible, they are also illegal.

City Responsibilities
The City of Nassau Bay has a Municipal Small Separate Storm Water System (MS4) permit, which is issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). This permit requires that the City manage its stormwater system to prevent contaminants and harmful wastes from entering the stormwater system and thus entering Clear Creek, Clear Lake, and Galveston Bay. All of these are endangered waterways which have elevated levels of harmful contaminants. Nassau Bay is doing its part to eliminate the sources of these harmful contaminants.  

For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 713.548.4378.


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