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Food, Oil & Grease (FOG) Prevention
Waste Prevention
One of the most common wastes which can have adverse impacts on the sanitary sewer system and the wastewater treatment plant are wastes associated with food preparation. Food particles, food-product oils, and food-related grease can result in deposits in sewer lines which lead to sewer overflows. Food, oil, and grease wastes can also adversely impact sewage treatment processed at the wastewater treatment plant. Food, oil, and grease deposits are the single largest cause of sewer overflows.

Food Preparation Facilities
Food preparation facilities such as restaurants, cafeterias, and institutions are required to have grease traps that are properly designed and maintained to prevent the flow of food, oil, and grease wastes resulting from food preparation activities from flowing into the City’s sewer system. A grease trap permit must be obtained from the City's building official prior to initiation of food preparation operations.

Individual Residences
Individual residences should also take reasonable actions to prevent food, oil, and grease wastes from food preparation activities from entering the City’s sewer system.

Additional Information
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