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Meet the Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department
Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire DepartmentVolunteers
The Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department is a group of ordinary men and women volunteering to keep Nassau Bay a safe place to live and work. These men and women spend their spare time training to respond to a variety of emergencies.

Who are these volunteers? They may be your next door neighbor, a co-worker at NASA, or a NASA contractor. They could be the airline pilot flying you on your next trip, the person serving you coffee on your way to work in the morning, or the handyman you hired to do odd jobs around your house.

These men and women quietly go about their normal lives until a call for help arrives. Then, they leave their work or families to go help someone in need. From investigating fire alarms to fighting structure fires, from performing CPR to searching the water for someone who is missing, they never know what the next call will bring and continually strive to be ready for the unexpected.

How to Volunteer
Are you interested in helping your neighbors and being part of a team dedicated to saving lives? The Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department conducts training on Tuesday nights starting at 7:00 pm at the temporary fire station at:
120 Surf Court
Nassau Bay, TX 77058

Come by a few minutes early on a Tuesday night and find out how you can help. No experience is necessary.


1800 Space Park Dr., Suite 200
Nassau Bay, TX 77058