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Development Principles
General Information
During 2004 the Nassau Bay City Council appointed a nine-member Urban Planning and Advisory Committee (UPAC) to begin concept planning for the redevelopment of Nassau Bay’s commercial areas. The UPAC was made up of Nassau Bay citizens who deliberated over a period of several months. The City also hired professional Urban Planning consultants to assist the UPAC in development of concepts for our future.

  • Capitalize on waterfront location
  • Consider using arts as a cultural theme
  • Emphasize small town feel
  • Leverage historic association with space program

Community Development
  • Create a walkable mixed-use community
  • Develop urban waterfront housing
  • Focus development on a variety of new public open spaces

Retail Development

  • Attract services and boutique retail to provide shopping experience for local residents
  • Create gateways along NASA Parkway to increase awareness, drawing visitors into the City
  • Provide infrastructure that will attract visitor-related entertainment development


1800 Space Park Dr., Suite 200
Nassau Bay, TX 77058