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Disaster Recovery
The City of Nassau Bay wants to answer your questions and help you navigate the recovery process from Hurricane Harvey. This section of our website will contain a lot of information that will help you put your life back together after the event. We are working on updating this page as soon as we have information available so check back soon and often!

UPDATE October 12th: Want more information about Direct Housing Programs? Follow the link for the Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Housing Programs in Texas. This resource answers questions such as "What should I do if I suffered damage from Hurricane Harvey?" and more. These resources are also available on 

UPDATE October 10th: The debris contractor will begin the final pass in the City on October 11, 2017. Please move any remaining debris piles to the curb by October 10, 2017. White goods, electronic waste, and household hazardous waste will also be completed this week. The final pass for construction demolition and vegetative debris will start on October 11, 2017 with household hazardous waste, electronic waste, and white goods to commence around October 14, 2017. Please do not block debris piles or place debris under low hanging tree limbs. Please inform contractors working at your home of this. Note that any contractors performing new construction or repair work are responsible for the debris they generate. The debris contractor will not pick up any debris that was not generated by the storm.

UPDATE October 2nd: The City of Nassau Bay and the Parks & Recreation Committee are eager (just as our citizens are) for the re-opening of David Braun Park. Mr. Roscoe Lee, Interim Chairman of the Nassau Bay Parks & Recreation Committee has provided a status update and a summary of the current park situation -- the FULL UPDATE can be read hereThis information is compiled from City Manager Jason Reynolds, Public Works Director Paul Lopez, Animal Control Officer Troy Bradfield, and committee member observations. The update includes status of all parks and further information on the closure of David Braun Park

UPDATE September 28th: As was the experience city-wide, the utility billing system also experienced disruptions due to Hurricane Harvey. Being cognizant of the resident experience and of the increased workload of Public Works employees in the wake of the storm, the following actions were taken: 
  1. The City did not shut-off any residents for non-payment of the August water bill at the end of the month. All residents were given till the end of September to become current with their utility bills. 
  2. The City did not assess penalties for non-payment of the September water bill by September 17, 2017. 
  3. The City will do shut-offs at the end of September for all utility accounts not current on August and September utility bills. 
  4. City Public Works employees were overwhelmed with Hurricane Harvey recovery activities and it was determined that their time was best not diverted to meter reading. For the October 1 utility bill, the City used estimated billing based on each customer’s historical consumption. The November 1 bill will be based on the actual meter read and will bring all customers consumption history current. 
  5. The City will return to normal shut-offs starting at the end of September. 
  6. The City will return to normal penalties starting on October 17, 2017. 
  7. The City will return to normal billing on November 1, 2017. 
Download a PDF of the Utility Billing Memo. For any questions regarding your utility billing, please contact our Utility Billing Coordinator Cindy Martinez at 281-333-4211. 

UPDATE September 25th: The Harris County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (HCOHSEM) continues a coordinated response to Hurricane Harvey along with local, state, federal and non-profit partners. As Harris County moves toward helping our communities rebuild and recover, HCOHSEM has produced the Harvey Recovery Guide. The guide lists a number of resources available to residents affected by the severe flooding caused by Harvey. The guide includes information on finding housing, food, employment, legal services, and tax relief. It also includes advice on filing insurance claims, applying for disaster relief, replacing lost documents, protecting yourself when hiring contractors, and acquiring crisis counseling or help for managing traumatic stress. Download the PDF version of the Harvey Recovery Guide or visit

UPDATE September 22nd: The Red Cross financial assistance program for those affected by Hurricane Harvey is now open and the website is operational. The Red Cross will provide $400 to qualified Texas households that were severely impacted by Harvey and need help taking care of emergency needs right now. Severely impacted households that need immediate assistance can apply at You can apply on your cell phone, computer or tablet with a valid email address. Registration will remain open through October 10th. Get additional information on our Assistance & Donations section.

UPDATE: Mayor Mark A. Denman would like to address the residents of Nassau Bay after the events of Hurricane Harvey. You can view the full letter HERE. To view the PDF version of this letter, click here: A Letter From the Mayor of Nassau Bay

What to Do If Your Home Suffered Storm Damage
There are a few things you need to know and do if your home suffered storm damage. It is very important to contact your insurance company immediately, but the City also needs to gather this information too, so please complete our Flood Damage Report Form. Nassau Bay also has a process in place that allows us to track the repair costs in our community. Learn more...

Debris Removal Assistance Program
If your home was damaged in the storm, the City of Nassau Bay will be offering Hurricane Harvey Debris Removal Assistance. Debris removal will begin on Saturday, September 9, 2017, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please separate your debris according to this flyer. Get updates and learn more about this program...

Disaster Scams
A natural disaster not only leaves lives uprooted in its wake, it can also bring price gougers, scam artists, and bogus charities into our community. We'll help you be informed and help you understand how to better protect yourself. Learn more...

Assistance & Donations
Find out more information about FEMA, how you can receive assistance, or where you can donate goods and money to help Nassau Bay citizens. Learn more about how to get help or how to give help...

Stay Informed
Nassau Bay's Emergency Alert system allows City Officials to quickly send alerts via phone, email, or text message directly to residents and businesses. Hurricane Harvey reminds us more than ever the importance of staying informed prior to, during and after a disaster. These alerts help keep you informed and safe in the event of emergency situations, including: severe weather, road construction, water issues, etc. Sign up and learn more...

Follow Us On Social Media
Our Communications department does its best to try and communicate on several different channels including social media. During Harvey, these channels were vital in getting out information quickly. Follow us on social media for updates on events as they happen and other important information. Join us on Facebook or Nextdoor.


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