City Master Plan

Plan 2040: Our Legacy, Our Future

Plan 2020: Our Legacy, Our Future - the Nassau Bay Comprehensive Plan - is intended to guide future development, redevelopment, and community enhancement efforts over the next 20 years through 2040. It serves as a framework for thoughtful community discussion on the real and perceived challenges facing Nassau Bay currently, as well as the upcoming opportunities that will shape its future. Through long-range planning efforts, the community can preserve its history, culture, and overall quality of life for current and future residents.

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The Nassau Bay Comprehensive Plan resulted from a 9-month planning and citizen involvement process. The plan’s findings and recommendations focus on the physical and economic aspects of the community’s development in the coming years. It provides guiding principles, goals, and strategic action priorities that will help City officials and staff in determining the location, financing, and sequencing of public improvements; administering development regulations; and guiding reinvestment efforts. The plan also provides a basis for coordinating the actions of many different functions and interests within and outside of municipal government.


This plan incorporates plans and results of the significant efforts of a number of City organizations, committees, and subcommittees including:

  • City Council 
  • Planning Commission
  • Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee
  • Key City Staff
  • Consultant Team (Kendig Keast Collaborative)
  • With a Special Thanks To…Individual residents, business owners, property owners, and others who contributed their insights and ideas to Nassau Bay’s long-range planning process.

A comprehensive plan, if embraced by the community and its leadership, has the potential to take a community to a whole new level in terms of livability and tangible accomplishments.

Use of this Plan

The plan is ultimately a guidance document for City officials and staff, who must make decisions on a daily basis that will determine the future direction, financial health, and “look and feel” of the community. 

These decisions are carried out through:

  • Targeted programs and expenditures prioritized through the City’s annual budget process, including routine but essential functions such as code compliance;
  • Major public improvements and land acquisitions financed through the City’s budgeting efforts;
  • New and amended City ordinances and regulations closely linked to Comprehensive Plan objectives (and associated review and approval procedures in the case of subdivision and land development activities);
  • Departmental work plans and resources in key areas;
  • Support for ongoing planning and studies that will further clarify needs, costs, benefits, and strategies;
  • Pursuit of external grant funding to supplement local budgets and/or expedite certain projects; and
  • Initiatives pursued in conjunction with other public and private partners to leverage resources and achieve successes neither could accomplish on their own.