NASA Area Management District

Project Description

Nassau Bay Town Square is being developed by Griffin Partners, a Houston-based real estate development firm. The proposed project is a 31-acre mixed-use development which at build out will include three new office buildings, a new 300 plus luxury multi-family project, a 176 room Marriott Hotel, numerous retail shops and a conference center, all totaling approximately $150 million in new investment in Nassau Bay. The Nassau Bay Town Square is located at the intersection of NASA Parkway and Saturn Lane, directly across from the entrance to the Johnson Space Center.

Project Status

In 2008, the Griffin Partners demolished 12 low-rise, 1960s-era office buildings. This clearing of the site allowed for the development of the luxury multi-family units to move forward. These apartments are scheduled for completion in 2010. Griffin Partners is in the planning stage for breaking ground in 2010 on a portion of the planned retail.

Community Benefits

The demolition and clearing of 31 acres of functionally and environmentally obsolete buildings has greatly improved the development viability of this critical commercial core for Nassau Bay. Additionally, the addition of new retail will provide residents with new and varied shopping and dining opportunities. The added tax value of this project will be a catalyst for future redevelopment in the City’s commercial area.

View the NASA Area Management District Map (PDF).


To preserve and enhance Nassau Bay’s distinctive life style and small town appeal by:

  • Building a reputation for attractive urban design, upscale shopping, cultural, and outdoor recreational activities
  • Capitalizing on our strategic waterfront location at the epicenter of the Bay Area
  • Creating vibrant commercial business opportunities


The mission of the District is to promote commercial sustainability by creating a unique sense of place inclusive of residential, retail, commercial, and waterfront development by:

  • Enhancing safety and security
  • Ensuring high quality infrastructure
  • Expanding awareness of Nassau Bay as a great place to live, work, and play
  • Fostering public / private partnerships
  • Providing distinctive urban design and maintenance

Agendas & Minutes

Additional Information

For more information, please visit Griffin Partners.