Customer Responsibilities

Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible for the construction, operation, and maintenance of their water system from the point of connection on the customer’s side of the water meter.

Customer Requirements & Inspections

As part of the City’s responsibility for assuring the quality of water delivered to its customers, the City must inspect and resolve any situation which could potentially result in contamination of the City’s water supply system.

  • Customer Service Inspections: All new water service connections, all water connections to locations with significant construction modifications, and any water connection to locations which potentially could have conditions on private property which could negatively impact the quality of water of the City’s water distribution system are subject to a customer service inspection at the City’s sole discretion. A customer service inspection can only be provided by a licensed (by TCEQ) customer service inspector, by a master plumber, or by a licensed plumber with a Customer Service Inspection license rider addition (by TCEQ). If deficiencies in the water plumbing system on the private property inspected are identified which could potentially pose a threat to the water quality in the City’s water system, water service will not be provided to the customer until such deficiencies are eliminated.
  • Backflow Preventers: This includes situations which could potentially result in a reversal of water flow from a private water connection into the City’s water system. In such situations, backflow preventers may be required to protect the City’s water system. If required, the customer must pay for the backflow preventer configuration determined by the City in accordance with TCEQ requirements and have it installed by an appropriately licensed plumber or licensed backflow preventer installation contractor.
  • Irrigation System Requirements: 
    • A permit for all irrigation systems must be obtained from the City of Nassau Bay Building Official prior to initiation of the installation of an irrigation system. This permit will provide instructions on the design, installation, and inspection requirements.
    • Landscape irrigation systems which are connected to the City’s water system present a common situation which could result in reverse water flow from a customer connection into the City’s water system. Therefore, all landscape irrigation systems must be designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with applicable TCEQ irrigation system requirements - including the use of an appropriate backflow preventer. 
    • When irrigation systems are connected to a customer’s private lines through a separate water meter, the customer is responsible for assuring that the lateral line providing water from the City’s water system to the customer is adequate to provide the volume and pressure needed by the customer’s private water lines. If additional water lateral lines are required from the City’s water mains, the customer is responsible for all costs associated with providing those lines and appurtenances. 

Water Leaks

The City is responsible for operation and maintenance of the water distribution system up to the point of connection to the private water system on the customer's side of the water meter. The customer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of their private water system from the point of connection on the customer's side of the water meter and throughout their complete water system on private property. Therefore, the customer is responsible for all water leaks on the customer's side of the water meter. By design, a water meter can only register flow which passes through the meter; therefore all water usage registered by a water meter is the responsibility of the customer to pay for the water and related sewer fees associated with water flow recorded by a water meter - including all flows which may result from a water leak on the customer’s side of the water meter.
  • If a customer has a water leak at any point from the connection to the water meter on the customer’s side of the meter, the customer should have a licensed plumber repair the leak. 
  • If the customer thinks that there is a leak in the City’s water line from the water main to the customer's side of the water meter, the customer should contact the City immediately and the site will be inspected and repairs made to any City-owned water line. 
It should be clearly understood, however, that a water leak on City water lines cannot have any impact on the recorded water flows through the water meter.