Vacant or Dilapidated Structures

General Information

When a structure or equipment is found by the code official to be unsafe, unfit for human occupancy, or unlawful, such structure shall be condemned pursuant to the provisions of this code.

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Unsafe Structures

An unsafe structure or equipment is one that is found to be dangerous to the life, health, property, or safety of the public or the occupants of the structure by not providing minimum safeguards to protect or warn occupants in the event of a fire, or because such structure contains unsafe equipment or is so damaged, decayed, dilapidated, structurally unsafe or of such faulty construction or unstable foundation, that partial or complete collapse is possible.

Structures Unfit for Human Occupancy

A structure is unfit for human occupancy whenever the code official finds that such structure is unsafe, unlawful, or - because of the degree to which the structure is in disrepair or lacks maintenance - is unsanitary, vermin or rat infested, contains filth and contamination, or lacks ventilation, illumination, sanitary, or heating facilities or other essential equipment required by this code, or because the location of the structure or to the public.


  • International Property Maintenance Code Section 108.1 Unsafe Structures and Equipment

Additional Information

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 281.333.4211.