Nassau Bay Alerts

Nassau Bay's Emergency Alert system allows City Officials to quickly send alerts via phone, email, or text message directly to residents and businesses. These alerts help keep you informed and safe in the event of emergency situations, including: severe weather, road construction, water issues, etc.

In our efforts to provide reliable emergency communications with residents and businesses, we utilize the service provider, Swift911™.

Instructions for Registering for Swift911:

  1. Click Register Now! 
  2. You will be prompted to provide your contact information and address. Click Submit Registration.
  3. You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation code to verify the validity of the e-mail address you registered with. You will be asked to provide this 4-digit confirmation on the next screen.
  4. Once logged in, under Active Subscription, please click "+add subscriptions" to be added to Nassau Bay alerts. 
  5. Check "Subscribe" next to Nassau Bay Master List. Click "Add Selected".

Instructions for Updating Your Swift911 Contact Information:

  1. Enter your Username and Password below. 
  2. Click the "My Contact Information" tab to add and edit contact information such as phones, addresses, and more. 
  3. Once you have updated your information, click "Save Updates."

Please note:

  • Your email address will be your login ID / username. The registration confirmation code is also sent to this e-mail address. You may also sign in with your phone number. 
  • Each individual member of your household should create their own registration login to receive alerts.
  • At any time you need assistance registering for Swift911, please call City Hall at 281-333-4211 and someone can assist you with adding your information to the Swift911 system.