Keep Nassau Bay Beautiful

Keep Texas Beautiful is a grassroots-based organization whose mission is “to educate and engage Texans to take responsibility for improving their community environment.” The organization’s focus is concentrated on litter prevention, beautification, and waste reduction. Founded in 1967, Keep Texas Beautiful has over 50 years of experience deploying resources for local clean-up, recycling, and youth engagement efforts.

The City of Nassau Bay is currently a full affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB), known as Keep Nassau Bay Beautiful (KNBB). In order to meet the qualifications as a full affiliate, the City of Nassau Bay established a Keep Nassau Bay Beautiful committee in April 2018 [Resolution R2018-2139].

In August 2018, KNBB met all the requirements to progress from provisional affiliate status to full affiliate status of Keep Texas Beautiful. KNBB consists of the members of the Nassau Bay Parks Committee (10) and five additional volunteers.

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Mission Statement of Keep Nassau Bay Beautiful

Encourage Nassau Bay residents to take responsibility for improving the community environment.  Educate and engage Nassau Bay residents to take responsibility for improving our community environment. 

KNBB Board Members

Keep Nassau Bay Beautiful's board is made up of five members, all nominated by the Parks & Recreation Committee and approved by the City Manager. These board members include:

  • Michie Coldwell
  • Kay Hoffman
  • Tuie Lee
  • Jerry Newberry
  • Carole Stecker

Windshield Survey

As part of the application process, KNBB completed a city-wide Windshield Survey on May 24, 2018. The initial results of the three groups can be viewed below:

Group 1 KNBB Windshield Survey [pdf]
Group 2 KNBB Windshield Survey [pdf]
Group 3 KNBB Windshield Survey [pdf]

2018 Strategic Plan

On June 18, 2018, KNBB approved a Strategic Plan, which identified approaches to resolving problems identified in the above windshield surveys. On September 12, 2018, the Chairman of KNBB met with the City Manager and Public Works Director to review the Strategic Plan, which was then updated to its current status. Additionally, KNBB is working with existing partners — in September 2018, the Chairman of KNBB met with the NASA Area Management District, which has responsibility for maintaining the City’s commercial districts. Problems in the commercial districts were summarized.

The 2018 KNBB Strategic Plan can be viewed below [as of September 15, 2018]:
2018 Keep Nassau Bay Beautiful Strategic Plan [pdf]

More Information

For more information on Keep Nassau Bay Beautiful, please contact Parks & Recreation Chairman Michelle Weller at

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