Water & Sewer Rehabilitation

Commitment to residents

 Damage from water line breakThe Council’s pledge to the City’s strategic priorities is the driving force for the water and sewer line rehabilitation project, and, when complete, will positively impact the residents and businesses of Nassau Bay for decades to come. Council started addressing the underground infrastructure in the early 2000’s, with a heavy focus on updating the wastewater treatment plant and miles of the accompanying sewer lines. Now that sewer line backup reports have dwindled to minimal levels, a large-scale effort is planned to address more than 15 miles of water lines and the remaining sewer lines, which is still north of seven miles.
Council approved the first phase of this five-phase project and will begin implementation of approximately five miles of water and sewer lines in January 2019.
To fund the first phase of the project new water and sewer rates were adopted on June 11, 2018 and will be effective on the November 2018 utility bill. The average residential utility bill in Nassau Bay will increase approximately $3.00 per month but remains at or below average when compared to neighboring cities.
The City’s website is the primary host for all information regarding the water and sewer line rehabilitation project. Please visit the site to find maps of the proposed infrastructure enhancements, a complete list of water rates, comparable utility rate benchmarks, and a project summary. In addition, the website will be updated quarterly to show money inflows/outflows and give updates on rehabilitation.

Robert L. Warters
Mayor, City of Nassau Bay

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