Plan 2040: Our Legacy Our Future

Plan 2040 LogoNassau Bay Comprehensive Plan Update - Plan 2040 Our Legacy Our Future

A Comprehensive Plan is a forward-looking document which provides a framework for how the community desires to develop or redevelop in the future. The plan typically includes goals to help guide the community.  What an exciting time to be planning for the future of this wonderful community just as we are celebrating 50 years as a City!  Being in the heart of a significant tourist region, substantial commercial frontage along NASA Road 1, expansive community parks and waterfront, and unique history tied to the Johnson Space Center, Nassau Bay has remarkable assets for a community our size. However, we recognize that some things have changed since the update of the Comprehensive Plan updated in 2015. With the City turning 50, the time is right to look to the future and plan accordingly.

The City has engaged a nationally recognized consulting firm, Kendig Keast Collaborative, to work with staff and the community in this important endeavor.  Let’s plan boldly Nassau Bay! Let’s continue to ask the tough questions, confronting our challenges and strive to implement innovative solutions. Let’s build the strategic framework to address our opportunities. 

This process is an excellent opportunity for citizens to provide input on how Nassau Bay should develop and redevelop over the years to come.  We want you to share ownership of the final product. If you are not already engaged, please join us! 

July 27th Open House Meeting

Join the City of Nassau Bay for a virtual Open House to hear about the draft updated Comprehensive Plan - Plan 2040: Our Legacy Our Future. The virtual Open House provides an opportunity to provide input on the draft plan and ask questions of the consultant team. 

You can view the full draft plan and Future Land Use and Character Map on the right-hand side under "July 27th Open House." These two items will be referenced by the consultants during the meeting. Click here to view the Open House Powerpoint.

February 24th Town Hall Meeting

On February 24th, over 200 residents joined in at a Townhall Meeting as a major event in the update of the Comprehensive Plan.  It was amazing to see so many citizens working side by side discussing the issues that face our community. The “Where Do You Live” Map showed that there was representation from all areas of the City.  Throughout this process, we want to keep the momentum going. We don’t want to do this without you. We’ve developed a process that is transparent and allows the community and stakeholders to be highly engaged throughout. You may already be involved in the process. You may have participated in a small listening group, attended the Townhall Meeting held on February 24th in the Council Chambers or you may be serving on the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee.  If you are already engaged in the process, thank you!  

All meetings on the Comprehensive Plan Update are open to the public.  The presentation slides from the Townhall Meeting are available below.

Click here to download the PDF version of the presentation.

For further information, contact Mary Chambers, Assistant City Manager by email at or 281-333-4211.