Utility Billing

Establishing or Terminating Water & Sewer Services in the City of Nassau Bay

Please click below for the needed application to establish new residential or commercial water and sewer services, or to terminate services. Please submit completed paperwork via email to city.receptionist@nassaubay.com.

Establishing New Garbage Service

For more information, please visit the following links or contact AmeriWaste at 281.331.8400.

Click here for more information on Residential Trash Collection.

Pay Your Utility Bill

The City of Nassau Bay offers several easy ways to pay your monthly utility bill.

  • Mail payment (1800 Space Park Drive Suite 200 Nassau Bay, TX, 77058)
  • Drop off payment at our tan drop box (located behind City Hall at 1800 Space Park Drive)
  • Drop off in person at the reception desk at City Hall (1800 Space Park Drive Suite 200-Upstairs)
  • Pay online at our City website www.nassaubay.com/waterbill
  • ACH Auto Debit Service (bank draft or credit card draft). Click here to open the ACH Authorization Agreement (Bank Draft Form).
  • Securely pay over the phone by calling Paymentus at (844) 234-9886

Utility Billing Policies & Procedures

A delinquent notice will be sent out to those customers who have not made payment in full by the due date (17th). If payment is not received, water service for that customer will be disconnected on or around the last day of the month and a shut-off notice administrative fee of $25.00 will be assessed.

A $25.00 fee is assessed for all returned NSF checks or auto-debits. A $5.00 fee is assessed for all other returned checks or auto-debits.

Monthly bills will be provided on or around the 1st day of the month and all water and sewer accounts are due on or before the 17th day of the billing month. There will be a ten (10) percent penalty assessed to any account making payment after the 17th day of the billing month. Services will be discontinued for non-payment on the 30th day of the billing month. Accounts lapsing into unpaid status on the 30th day of the month will be assessed a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) shut-off notice administrative fee.

For more information on Utility Billing Policies & Procedures, click here.

How to Go Paperless & Access Your Water Account Online

The City of Nassau Bay Water Department offers several paperless options. You can save paper and even save time by setting up automatic payments.

  1. Go Online: https://nassaubaytx.pay.opengov.com/
  2. Register: Use your account number and pin located in the top right corner of your bill. Select “register for additional services” to create your own login for future use.
  3. Choose a Paperless Option:
    • Make a One-Time Credit Card Payment
    • Credit Card Auto-Draft
    • E-Bill
    • Bank Draft

Garden Club Welcome

The Nassau Bay Garden Club welcomes you to our beautiful community and wants to give you a free plant for your new home as a gift from its members.

Please fill out this form so that they can deliver a “friendship plant” to you. Email the completed form to city.receptionist@nassaubay.com or deliver to City Hall (1800 Space Park Drive Suite 200 Nassau Bay, TX, 77058)

You will be contacted by a Garden Club member who will arrange its delivery at your convenience.

NOTE: This information will be used ONLY for this program and will not be shared with any other person or group.  The Nassau Bay Garden Club has worked with the City of Nassau Bay to offer this program to you with the City’s approval.  The Nassau Bay Garden Club is a non-profit club formed to improve our community through gardening and civic works. 

This program is for NEW homebuyers only (not renters).