2020 FEMA FMA Application

Application Period Opening to Nassau Bay residents

Home Elevation OctoberThe Federal Government, through FEMA and the State of Texas, are expected to open the 2020 grant application process to elevate flood-prone structures in late fall. If your house is listed as a repetitive loss, severe repetitive loss property, or if you have shown interest in the program in the past you are invited to submit an application for consideration. The City plans to hold a virtual meeting in August 2020 to address questions and concerns about the home elevation process. The FEMA FMA grant may pay 75%, 90% or 100% of the cost of elevation, and the home-owner will be responsible for any HOA requirements or non-eligible work. Properties will be reviewed and a benefit-cost analysis (BCA) done to determine property eligibility.

If you are a new applicant interested in the grant program please apply here. Here are the following documents you will need to submit with your packet:

  1. Current NFIP policy declarations page. If you have your property loss history from your annual NFIP flood policy update, please include it. 
  2. An elevation certificate for your property
  3. A Completed Notice of Interest form
  4. A survey of your property. Can be a professional survey or hand drawn with appropriate dimensions. The perimeter of the house is needed for proper calculations. 
  5. Color photos of each of the sides of the house, minimum four pictures (front, each side, & back)
  6. Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) printout of your property. A PDF or scanned document is acceptable.

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Reynolds, jason.reynolds@nassaubay.com, 281-333-4211, or Mark Stelly, 281-336-6293. Submittal of the grant application does not ensure that a grant will be awarded.