Unified Development Code

What Is The Unified Development Code?

The Unified Development Code (UDC) is a document that consolidates all development-related regulations including zoning and land use, subdivisions, design and development standards, and review procedures. The UDC has several advantages over maintaining separate zoning and subdivision ordinances. 

First, it avoids overlapping, conflicting, or inconsistent requirements by providing one source for all standards and approval procedures. Second, the UDC is simpler for customers to use since they only need to become familiar with one set of standards. Finally, by integrating all types of development, the UDC offers a more flexible and comprehensive approach to design, which leads to a more consistent treatment of different types of development.

The Unified Development Code project schedule is available for viewing here.

Unified Development Code Advisory Committee

Roscoe LeeColleen Ethridge
Mark StellyTony Russo
Paul LopezFred Griffin
John WilkinsonLara Forde
Troy ShanksCharles Pulliam

Unified Development Code - Introductory Presentation by Kendig Keast Collaborative

The City of Nassau Bay has retained Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC) to assist in the development of the City's Unified Development Code. The presentation linked below provides an overview of the scope and general process as an introduction to the project.

The PowerPoint is available HERE.

Click here to watch the presentation:

UDC presentation image with YouTube

Photos from the November 8, 2021 meeting are provided below.

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