Texas Water Development Board-Funded Water & Sewer Line Rehabilitation

Start Date: February 7, 2022

End Date: October 31, 2023

The combined cost of both TWDB-funded projects is $2,598,582.

On February 7 of 2022 work began on a major Water and Sewer Line Rehabilitation effort supported funding from the Texas Water Development Board.  The project is slated to last one year, with an estimated completion date of February 7, 2023.  The estimated total cost of the water and sewer efforts is $2,598,582.

Project Background:

In June 2018 City Council adopted new water/sewer rates to fund critical infrastructure repairs throughout the City.  The 2022 fiscal year brought the last round of rate increases necessary to cover the cost of the Water and Wastewater Improvements Project, and the funds collected will be used to cover the funding provided by TWDB.

In November 2021, the Nassau Bay City Council awarded a bid for the Water and Wastewater Improvement Project to Lopez Utilities Construction, LLC.

On Friday January 21, 2022, the Nassau Bay Public Works Department participated in a pre-construction meeting for the TWDB funded Water and Wastewater Improvement Project.

Contractors will be addressing both water and sewer line rehabilitation simultaneously.  The City will work closely with the engineering firm (ARKK Engineers) as well as the contractors for the project.

Project Specifics:

This project will include the replacement and upsizing of 22,090 feet of water lines to include new water valves and fire hydrants throughout the City.

The project also includes 12,710 linear feet of sanitary sewer line and manhole rehabilitation throughout the City.

According to ARKK Engineers, the bulk of the project will be conducted underground, with only minimal above ground disruption during projects.

Also, work will be conducted on weekdays only, unless there is a time-sensitive emergency that necessitates over the weekend.

The contractors will place door hangers in the area of each project prior to the beginning of construction and the Public Works Department will also be sending out Swift911 messages to impacted homes.  Residents are also encouraged to monitor City outlets including Facebook and NextDoor for updates.

In the event that the contractor needs to block or temporarily close a roadway, the City will notify residents as soon as possible.

Noteworthy Items:

Both the contractor for the project and their vehicles will be identified.  The contractors will be wearing vests with "LUC" on the back.

At the beginning of the process, the contractor will be utilizing cameras/video equipment to document their work sites. The contractor is expected to film both before and after when construction is complete.

Contractors have been instructed to leave residents' driveways accessible during construction.  Any concerns about vehicles blocking driveways should be directed to the Public Works Department.


Cost: Street Rehabilitation - $1,000,000

Annual Paving Improvements - $550,000

Total Project cost: $1,550,000

Start Date: June 6, 2022

End Date: November 30, 2023

This project will involve the demolition and replacement of street panels throughout the City.  For the first portion of the project, 15 areas have been identified due to cracks or street failure.

UPDATE: August 8, 2023 - To date 27 of 31 areas have been completed.