Adopted FY2023 Budget

The Fiscal Year 2023 Budget was adopted on September 16, 2022. This budget will raise more revenue from property taxes than last year's budget by an amount of $322,628, which is a 8.43 percent increase from last year's budget. The property tax revenue to be raised from new property added to the tax roll this year is $151,313. The Adopted Budget FY2023 can be viewed at FY2023 Adopted Budget.

Budget & Resources

Municipal Budget in Summary

The data summarizes the Fiscal Year 2023 Adopted Budget (October 2022 to September 2023) for the City of Nassau Bay. The summary shows the planned expenditures.
General Fund
Water & Sewer Fund
Debt Service Fund
Tourism Fund
Special Revenue and Grants Fund
Capital Projects Fund
Street Sales Tax Fund $1,231,000