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Business Registration Form

  1. Nassau Bay Fire Marshal's Office

    Business Owner/Occupant:

    The City of Nassau Bay is excited that you have chosen to locate your business here in our wonderful city. We feel this is a great city to conduct business in and welcome you to contact us any time you may need our assistance. Like most other cities, Nassau Bay has certain requirements and City Codes that each business is required to comply with, one of which is a business registration.

    Under Section 11F22, City Ordinance #91F402, each business is required to register with the City. Business registration records are kept at City Hall and the information allows us to communicate with you and your business as well as advertise your business on our website if you so choose.

    For each business an annual registration fee of $100 is required.  After receiving the completed business registration form, a business registration certification along with a certificate of occupancy will be sent to you for your records.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact my office or any one of our City Hall staff.

    Tony Russo, Fire Marshal

  2. Business Registration Form
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  6. Would you like to sign up for the City of Nassau Bay's Swift911™ Portal System?
    Nassau Bay's Emergency Alert system allows City Officials to quickly send alerts via phone, email, or text message directly to residents and businesses. These alerts help keep you informed and safe in the event of emergency situations, including: severe weather, road construction, water issues, etc.

    In our efforts to provide reliable emergency communications with residents and businesses, we utilize the service provider, Swift911™.
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