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Short-Term Rental Application


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    1. Acknowledgement of STR Ordinance & Application

      Thank you for applying for a Short-Term Rental Permit with the City of Nassau Bay. 

      This online application adheres to the requirements set out in Nassau Bay ORDINANCE NO. 2020-806, Section 5 (detailed below).

      Click the Submit button at the bottom of this page in order to proceed with the application process and upload all necessary documents. You must have all of the documentation below before the permit can be submitted or processed. An incomplete application will not be processed. 

      ORDINANCE NO. 2020-806, Section 5:

      1. Application for a short-term rental permit shall be in writing on an application form available at the City offices and shall be accompanied by an annual fee of $300.00, and shall include the following information at a minimum:
        1. A list of all owners, operators, and agents (if applicable) of the short-term rental including names, addresses, current email addresses and telephone numbers.
        2. A sketch and narrative describing the location of the available parking spaces on the premises.
        3. A sketch of the floor plan which identifies sleeping areas, proposed maximum number of guests, evacuation route(s), location of fire extinguishers.
        4. A Certificate of Occupancy will be issued upon completion of the inspection.
        5. The name, address and 24-hour telephone numbers of a contact person, who is the owner, operator or designated agent and who shall be responsible and authorized to respond to complaints concerning the use of the short-term rental.
        6. Written confirmation from the City of Nassau Bay Finance Department showing proof of hotel occupancy tax compliance with V.T. C. A. Tax Code Chapter 351, and registration with the City of Nassau Bay Finance Department for Hotel Occupancy Tax collection will need to be provided before permit is granted.
        7. A statement that the owner of the short-term rental has met and will continue to comply with the standards and other requirements of this section.
        8. Proof of coverage under a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy with limits of $500,000.00 per occurrence and 1-million-dollar aggregate. The owner must provide a copy of the certificate of insurance which shows the name insured, any additional insureds, the location address, the effective date, the coverage limit and type. The owner must notify the City within 30 days if the insurance status changes and provide the City with updated insurance information. The short-term rental permit shall be suspended until proof of updated insurance is provided.
      2. Completeness of application. Applications shall not be considered complete until all documentation required under this Ordinance has been submitted, and until the full application/permit fee has been paid. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
      3. Applicants applying for a Short-Term Rental permit in calendar year 2021, from March 1, 2021 up to and not to exceed August 31, 2021, will have the $300.00 permit fee waived. The period from January 11, 2021 up to March 1, 2021 will be a period of administrative set up. This includes permitting set up, fee notification, and notifying Short-Term Rentals currently operating within the City. The Short-Term Rental renewal fee in 2022 is not waived, nor are renewal fees thereafter.