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Congrats Nassau Bay Grad

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    The City of Nassau Bay would like to congratulate all of our 2020 Graduates!
  3. Is someone is your household a 2020 high school graduate? If so, the City of Nassau Bay would like to recognize them! Each graduate will receive a yard sign recognizing their accomplishment, along with a personal message from City of Nassau Bay Mayor Mark Denman and CCISD Board of Trustee Win Weber.
  4. Please help us recognize our Nassau Bay graduates by completing the form below.
  5. Must be located in Nassau Bay, Texas.
  6. Mayor Mark Denman would like to stop by and personally deliver the graduate's yard sign. During delivery, he would like the opportunity to meet each graduate and personally congratuately them.
  7. Would you like for Mayor Denman and Trustee Win Weber to stop at your home during the yard sign delivery?*
  8. Does Mayor Denman and Trustee Win Weber have your permission to contact you via email or phone, if necessary for delivery, etc.?
  9. If yes, please upload a photo now.
  10. The City of Nassau Bay will NOT utilize this information for anything not related to recognizing the City's 2020 graduates. By submitting your information, you acknowledge your name or photo may be published on the City's website or other social media platforms. Your address, email and phone number will not be shared with anyone other than City official staff.
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