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Commercial Application for Water and Sewer Service

  1. City of Nassau Bay
    City of Nassau Bay, Texas
  3. The following items are required one business day in advance:
    • Completed Commercial Application for Water and Sewer Service
    • Copy of Driver’s License (for authorized signer)
    • Copy of Voided Check (if selected for auto-draft)
    • Water deposit (amount determined by water dept.)
  4. Please submit completed paperwork and deposit via:
    • Email:
    • Fax #: 281-333-2301 (Attn: Water Department)
    • In person / drop box at City Hall (1800 Space Park Drive, Suite 200)
  5. You must contact the water department for deposit amount and payment. Failure to submit all required items will delay the application process.
  6. How would you like to receive your water bill each month (Select Only One Option):
    Please check the box if you would like your account set to auto-draft through your checking account. All drafts take place on/around the 17th of each month. A $25.00 charge is assessed for all returned transactions. If selected, you must include a voided check with your completed application.
    Please check if you would like to donate $2.00 each billing cycle to the Fire/EMS fund as part of your auto-draft transaction.
    This Emergency Alert system allows City Officials to quickly send alerts via phone, email, or text message directly to residents and businesses. These alerts help keep you informed and safe in the event of emergency situations, including severe weather, road construction, water issues, etc. If you would like to be added to the call list, please CHECK the best way(s) to contact you based on the info provided above:
    I request water and sewer service at the above premises and agree to use and pay in accordance with the City's established rates and rules. I further agree to be responsible for all the charges for water and sewer service for the above premises until I request discontinuance of such service and pay the final bill.
  11. DEPOSIT:
    : A deposit is required to establish a new water account with the City. The deposit is determined by the water department based on service location and is required in advance to establish service. Please contact the water department to discuss your deposit and payment.

    ***Failure to contact the water department will delay the application process. ***
  12. BILLING:
    All water accounts are billed on a monthly basis and payments are due in our office by the 17th of each month. Water payments received by mail are effective the day it is received in our office, not the postmark date.
  13. There are several ways you can pay your water bill:
    1) Mail Payment
    2) Pay In-Person/Drop Box at City Hall
    3) ACH Bank Draft or Credit Card Draft
    4) Pay Online at
    5) Phone via Our Secure Provider Paymentus at (844) 234-9886 ($400 or less)
  14. Please visit for info on:
    Commercial Trash Collection
    Utility Billing Policies & Procedures
    How to Access Your Water Account Online
    Utility Billing Water & Sewer Rate Schedule
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