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Parks Reservation Application

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  2. David Braun Park
    Reservation Application
    City of Nassau Bay
  3. Thank you for your interest reserving the pavilion at David Braun Park.
    Please complete and submit along with $100.00 deposit to reserve the pavilion at David Braun Park located at 18900 Upper Bay Rd. You must be a resident of Nassau Bay in order to reserve the pavilion.
  5. Will any charge be made for use of, or participation in, this activity/event?
  6. Will any service or merchandise be sold during this activity/event?*
  7. Does law, ordinance, or regulations (see below guidelines) prohibit the activity/event? *
  8. Will food be served?*
  9. Will alcoholic beverages be consumed?*
  10. Will the activity/event be open to the general public?*
  11. Will there be overnight camping with camp fire ** (Boy/Girl Scouts Only)
    **See below guidelines for more details**
  12. Guidelines / Prohibited Acts
  13. General Park Rules / Guidelines
    • Each person or group using the facilities within the park shall clean up all debris and leave the premises in a neat and orderly condition.
    • A maintenance deposit of $100.00 is required for the use of the pavilion.
    • A $25.00 fee is assessed for all returned NSF checks. A $5.00 fee is assessed for all other returned checks.
    • Returned deposit checks may limit your ability to use checks for deposit purposes in the future.
    • The following activities are deemed to be unreasonably hazardous and are not allowed: archery, golf, rugby.
    • The following activity is deemed to cause unwarranted damage to park property and is therefore not allowed: horseback riding.
  14. Guidelines for Boy/Girl Scouts**
    • No fires may be built inside the City Park without the use of appropriate fire containment devices, approved by the Nassau Bay Fire Marshal. This is limited to the following: campfires on the peninsula must be contained in a stone or cement fireplace temporary or permanent in nature. Campfires in other areas must be isolated from the grass to avoid damage and must have the approval of the Fire Marshal; the use of a grill or propane stove is required.
    • No tents may be ditched
    • The primary rule of scouting: leave no trace behind that you were here must be observed.
    • When using the peninsula overnight, it is necessary to have portable toilets available as there are no sanitary facilities out there.
    • The City of Nassau Bay will be blameless for any and all injuries and or damages as a result of these activities
    • Adult supervisor must be present at all times
  15. Prohibited Acts:
    • Mark, deface, disfigure, injure, tamper with, displace, or remove any structures, tables, benches, railings, trees, shrubs, or ornamental plants, flower beds, paving, or other park property or appurtenances.
    • Throw, discharge, or otherwise place or cause to be placed in the waters of any fountain or Lake Nassau, or drain flowing into Lake Nassau, any substance, liquid, or solid, which will or may result in the pollution of said Lake or fountains.
    • Interfere with, or prevent any person from using any park, or any of its facilities, except as provided for by permit or rules
    • Drive, park, or leave any motor vehicle in any park or in any place other than established for public parking. The City Manager may authorize motor vehicles to drive or park in the park on a specific instance basis. If this provision is not expressly requested and granted on your permit, no such authorization applies.
    • Exceed the 10 miles per hour maximum speed limit for motor vehicles within the park.
    • Permit any pet to be in any park unless the pet is caged or on a leash.
    • Bathe in or use Lake Nassau for swimming.
    • Operate any motor-powered boat on Lake Nassau. The City Manager may authorize motor-powered boats on Lake Nassau on a specific instance basis. If provision is not expressly requested and granted on your permit, no such authorization applies.
    • Carry any type of glass in any park area, which if broken could cause injury.
    • Trap, net, or trotline in any manner or by any means where “No Fishing” signs are posted.
    • State license requirements apply to all fishing areas.
  17. Conditions of the Application
    I have read and understood the conditions appearing on this application. I agree to adhere to the conditions that apply to my application. I understand that the approval of this application is subject to review and by signing this application I will be responsible for cleaning up any and all debris and leaving the premises in a neat and orderly condition after the activity/event. The $100.00 deposit is required to reserve the pavilion at David Braun Park Park. Your payment will be deposited. If the City has determined the pavilion was left is disarray, your deposit will not be returned. After your event, if the pavilion is left in a neat and orderly condition, a City-issued refund check will be mailed to the address you list below. The refund will take approximately two weeks to process.
  18. Address must be located in Nassau Bay.
  19. Type your name acknowledging the Conditions of the Application.
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